Did you know that more and more young adults are living at home and for longer periods of time? And – surprise! – it doesn’t appear to be for lack of jobs, the Pew Research Center reports.

In fact, according to a United States Census Bureau report, many millennials are delaying marriage and putting off having children. In 2015, one in three18- to 34-year olds lived in their parents’ home. So what gives?

Keith Manzella, Group Creative Director of e|wmg, explains: “Adulting’s hard. Whether leaving the nest for the first time or having already flown the coop, having to make a living and being an adult has some seeking out comfort from their youth as a way to de-stress and escape. For them, it’s ‘Just give me a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and turn on Nick’s The ’90s Are All That and I’m good.’”

The taste that takes you back to Saturday morning cartoons

So how are brands cashing in? Some, like Burger King, are playing the nostalgia card in hopes of reaching younger consumers. Burger King’s currently serving up a Lucky Charms shake and a Froot Loops shake blending millennials’ past with a new product— essentially “creating the taste that takes you back to Saturday morning cartoons,” Manzella says.

And media companies, too, have been cashing in. Take Viacom, for instance, which notes that Nickelodeon’s “characters helped raise a generation …. 90’s Nickelodeon is an essential part of their DNA. Only now, instead of just TV, they’re sharing these memorable moments online and across their social feeds daily.”

Additionally, “Nickelodeon didn’t set out to create a marketing effort around nostalgia—the growth was organic” as “millennials embrace all things social.” Nickelodeon’s “The Splat is an experience—rooted in television, activated across social and brought to life in person.” Viacom states that “Creating tools our fans can use on social to express themselves has been a critical part of that equation given the huge impact social connectivity can have on nostalgia marketing efforts.”

e|wmg: Time-trippin’ and the power of nostalgia

Here at e|wmg, we’ve been harnessing the power of nostalgia for years. Take our two-sided retro packaging for Post which introduced “Smurfs” cereal while we enhanced the PostCereals.com homepage site with mischievous Smurfs and playful messaging. Not only did we get consumers who grew up with the little blue creatures in the ‘90s feeling Smurfy again but we also connected a whole new generation with Post’s new cereal. The result? Dramatically boosted sales.

So, next time you’re looking to target consumers with the power of nostalgia, give us a callthen kick back with a sugary bowl of cereal and your favorite Smurf jammies.