Oh snap! It’s Social Media Day! Wait, isn’t every day social media day? Just whose idea was this in the first place?

Turns out the digital media website Mashable launched Social Media Day way back in 2010 (remember when you got your first iPad?). Mashable started the day to “recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication.”

And the world has never been the same! From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram and Pinterest, it seems as if we’re spending more time than ever sending tweets, posting pics and snapping selfies. Selfies. We’re so obsessed. WHY?

Can you see the real me?

It seems the whole world really is a stage and social media has helped shine a spotlight on individuality. Younger consumers, eager to stand out, are also bucking trends and embracing what they perceive as vehicles for authentic self-expression.

Remember that groovy little device called a Polaroid camera? You just pressed the button and – Blip! – out popped a cloudy photograph that developed in 60 seconds before your very eyes.

Polaroids have been a sensation with millennials. What lies inside the hearts of hipsters to cause this resurgence of old-school tech? Millennials grew up in a digital world; therefore, everything old is new to them in a retro cool way.

Still, you can’t take the digital out of the millennial. Polaroid’s Z2300 instant digital camera, for instance, allows consumers to not only get an instant print, but also upload images to share on favorite social media platforms like Instagram.

At e|wmg, we love being social

That is, we live, breathe and know social. Take our Hungry-Man social media campaign, which established a new brand manifesto and tagline, “Eat Like a Man,” and incorporated potent humor-driven messaging to create relevancy with millennials. A strong call-to-action on social platforms helped the brand rebuild its social community and reengage 18-34 year old men –and gave Hungry-Man a solid 4-6% sales lift.

That’s the power of social. Let us help you bring it to your next campaign.