Happy #Ghostbustersday!

It seems like you can get just about any kind of experience these days, from the sublime to the strange—even the otherworldly. And, here in New York City, we’re no stranger to the strange.

Want to explore new dimensions and worlds while you break out your proton gun and blast away at globby green, slime-filled ghosts on top of a skyscraper? At Madame Tussauds New York, in the heart of Times Square, your paranormal, hyper-reality experience awaits!

With its Ghostbusters Experience, you’ll don special gear, which includes a haptic vest to feel proton gun blasts, and, joined by your fellow ghostbusters, navigate your way throughout a series of rooms in virtual reality that offer surprises at every turn. (Warning! The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man awaits!)

And here at e|wmg, we’re no stranger to creating experiences either. We’ve been partnering with brands for years, creating experiential marketing events that bring brands to the forefront.

So, next time you have a need for experiential marketing, who you gonna call? east|west!