Don’t let anyone tell you life’s not all rainbows and unicorns… those colorful, horned mythical beasts are seemingly everywhere these days.

From leggings and cookie cutters to a glitter gel called Unicorn Snot (we’re not kidding) to unicorn pool floats with rainbow colored manes and even a “magical” pink and purple Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino that shapeshifts your taste buds from sweet to sour, they are galloping across the pop culture landscape, beguiling consumers who can’t seem to get enough, reports Fast Company, which homes (horns?) in on The Unicorn Craze.

So what gives? Darker times are causing people, millennial women in this case, to yearn for the more joyful times of youth. “The version of unicorns we’re seeing now are inspired by touchstones of children of the ’90s: Lisa Frank, My Little Pony, Care Bears. For women in their twenties and thirties, that might seem like a happier time.”

As an agency that’s been hard at work since the ’80s, we’ve seen our share of trends come and go. And with a keen eye and an ability to seize opportunities in evolving trends and behaviors, we’ve created work that’s not only tapped into nostalgia but has also stood the test of time. Now that’s truly magical.