Loyalty Program Optimizer

east|west marketing group’s LPO provides a comprehensive analysis of your loyalty program by reviewing the program strategy, technology effectiveness, core economics and metrics, partnerships and the competitive environment. Program managers will receive concise feedback that clearly indicates how the program is operating and where there are opportunities to improve the performance. Is the program attracting the right type of member and incenting the desired customer behavior? The influences affecting consumers’ purchasing decisions continue at a dynamic rate of change. To keep pace, loyalty marketers must be focused in their approach and constantly evolve their programs to meet the new demands of today’s consumers. A periodic external and objective assessment and benchmarking of your loyalty program will help maintain or improve competitive advantages, determine if objectives are being supported, and ensure your program is providing enhanced value to members, and contributing to the bottom line. If your loyalty program hasn’t undergone a formal audit reassessment in several years, it’s time to apply the Loyalty Program Optimizer!

LPO Work Product:

  1. Review and evaluate current and/or past marketing efforts, promotional activities and other customer communications
  2. Understand customer communications strategies currently in market and
    in the planning stage
  3. Inventory the marketing assets (information, events, causes, experiences, partners, potential rewards and benefits) and develop recommendations for how existing assets and partnerships might best be leveraged to build customer loyalty and
    enhance lifetime value
  4. Assess and evaluate basic technology capabilities, and develop recommended solutions to optimize the business’s use of customer data
  5. Analyze existing customer data and develop recommendations for optimal member segmentation and valuation
    • Develop recommendations for member segmentation, e.g., beyond value or frequency alone, to include interests, social behaviors, etc.
    • Develop recommendations based on analysis of member behavior
  6. Develop recommendations for additional data capture needs, including methodology and incentives for members and prospects to provide profile information
  7. Develop suggested metrics, KPIs and reporting to monitor program performance and support continual improvement
  8. Review considerations for testing and implementation

Based on the feedback/outcome of the LPO assessment, e|wmg will evaluate loyalty program options and prepare an objective strategy and program augmentation recommendation. Estimated Duration: 4 Weeks

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