Loyalty 360, the pre-eminent Loyalty Marketplace Association has announced east|west marketing group as a winner of its first-ever Loyalty360 Top 10 Awards. All considered elements were objectively judged by a panel comprised on the Loyalty360 editorial staff, internal analysts, and a group of select Loyalty360 awards judges.

“The Top 10 Awards are a representation of excellence in a series of objective criteria augmented by their steadfast commitment to the industry” said Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360. “These winners are esteemed members of Loyalty360 that are setting the pace and driving change in this amazing and rapidly changing industry.”

In addition to the prestigious agency award, Lou Ramery, east|west marketing groups’s CEO was honored as a Loyalty Marketplace key Individual Influencer. “It’s very gratifying to have our firm’s Loyalty program experts & our excellent strategic loyalty capabilities recognized, and we will continue to focus on helping marketers build, deepen and monetize their customer relationships,” said Ramery.

“With the Loyalty360 Top 10, we finally have the opportunity to recognize Loyalty360 members that have set themselves apart from the pack in order to build customer loyalty,” said Loyalty360 Director of Marketing Operations Carly Stemmer. “These Top 10 Awards are yet another opportunity for us to properly acknowledge the companies and people that continue to drive this space forward.”